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Airdrie Dog and Pony strives to be “the” grooming shop of Airdrie, doing most breeds up to a certain size. We aim to please and will do our best to achieve the look you want for your dog. Dogs leave looking clean and smelling great! We also offer walk-in nail trims for just $10, with $1 of each nail trim being donated to Tails to Tell Rescue.

Not only do we groom – we offer daycare for dogs. The socialization/activity offered sees dogs with issues become less fearful with new surroundings as well as helping with anxiety problems. Dogs learn to relax with new friends and look forward to coming in each morning.

Large Dogs are $28 per day and Small Dogs are $22 per day; after 10 visits they do get a free day!

Sorry, we do not do cat grooming at this time.


Why is it important to maintain my dogs grooming between visits?

Regular grooming is as important to your dog’s health as feeding and watering . Between professional grooms you should regularly brush/comb your dog, even a short-haired one. Not only does this help keep mats from forming, it also gives you the chance to check your dog over for lumps like moles or warts or any “owies” like cat scratches or wire cuts or dog bites, even bad bug bites. Brushing stimulates blood supply to skin encouraging new skin and hair to grow.  Ask your groomer for the best tools to use. You can also check the ears for any signs of infection or irritation and keep them clean with a cotton swab and ear cleaner. Take an occasional look at his teeth and check the amount of tartar present. Very important is nail trimming between grooms. The more your dog’s feet are handled at home the easier they are to work with at the groomers’. You can always take your dog to the groomers for just a quick nail trim if you desire. If the nails get too long they are prone to breakage/splitting, and the quick grows out with the nail making it more difficult to cut them as short as you’d like. With regular care your dog will shine even without bathing!

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